Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Update waiting for review

After a few days fixing internet connections (again) I have successfully uploaded the update.

For most people it shouldn't make a difference and would run the same as before. For those with loading issues it should fix memory problems at loading.

If it still crashes there is an option to optimise the loading even more with a button in the new "Space centre" screen.

Even then, you shouldn't note any difference in the game and the art.

I hope it is reviewed quickly enough and be ready soon.

I would like to apologise to those who got the game and haven't been able to play it yet. I hope this update fixes your problems.


  1. Hi dude, your game is awesome, I have seen lots of videos and I love it but sadly I can't play it cuz of the crash in my iPod. I have a question did you upload the update? because iTunes and the web doesn't have it, both say that the lastest version is 1.0, same version that I have. Please tell me if you have uploaded it and the problem is that I haven't found it yet. I really love your game and I would love it more if I play it. Thanks dude.

    1. Hi. Sorry I haven't explained how uploading works.

      When you finish an app, you submit (upload)it to Apple. Once Apple has the app, there is a state which is called "Waiting for review". They obviously have a lot of apps to review so there is a waiting list.

      Once they review and approve it, the state changes to "Ready for Sale" and that is when it is available for the public.

      At the moment it is still waiting for review but as soon as it is reviewed it shouold go to ready in no time at all.

      Thanks for your patience :)