Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Player's and Website's reviews

AppSpy made this nice video review of the game.

I quite like that many of the websites reviewing the game understand that it is a slow paced experience and not the usual space combat flight game where you pilot crafts that behave like planes.

You can see in the reviews of people in the appstore that those who want a realistic experience love the game while those that wanted a quick pick and play game hate it...
I also got a few strange reviews where they say the game is amazing, it looks and plays great and then give 2 stars because is not for iPad. I am glad that they liked the game but I don't understand why they give it a low score for something that is not. It is like saying Uncharted is not that good because you can't play it in Xbox. It has taken me long enough to make it on my own for one platform....give me some time!!!

Thanks to everybody that has taken the time to write any reviews (positive and negative) in the appstore. I have read them all.

For those who liked the game. Thanks. It makes it worth all the effort knowing that some people got from the game exactly the experience I wanted to replicate and share.

For those with comments on how to improve or change the game. I have taken in consideration many of the suggestions and I will investigate them. I am not too keen in the joysticks though... Comments?

For those with crashes. I have uploaded the first update and should address this issue. I have optimised the loading and memory.

For the one who complained that when leaving the game to pick up a call, the game progress was lost....With the new update, not anymore. 

Let me know anything you want, like or dislike from the game and help me make it better. I can't promise that I will do everything I am suggested but I will definitely think about it.

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  1. Fantastic review, and well said, this game isnt your typical space shooter where movement mimics planes, space doesn't have friction and this game really mimics this well, it's more true to life then your average space sim, the UI can be difficult at the start but I tap the screen by memory now, if I could switch off the HUD I would, I have no need for it anymore, or just fade it out to see the view more clearly, non the less it gets a serious thumbs up from me, 5*****