Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Out now!!!!

After two an a half years of hard work the game is finally out.

You can find it in the simulation and racing categories in the AppStore.

I hope you buy it and like it.

If you don't like it...I hope you let me know your opinion on how to improve it.


  1. It looks amazing, it would be cool to play this on android :(

  2. Hi, this looks amazing so I bought & installed the game, but it keeps crashing on the "loading" screen for the first mission. I have an ipod touch with the latest update installed.

    (oh, and this on Android would be great as well!)

  3. Wonderful game. I hope you'll consider an iPad (universal) version, extra missions DLC (around the International Space Station? :)

  4. Love your game guys :)

    I did a short first look video on youtube here

  5. I love it. I also hope that you will make it a universal app as the thoughts of forking out more money so that I can play it ou my iPad would be really annoying

  6. Great game. Really hard, need more training!

    Please make retina icon for the app :-)
    Also make it universal.

  7. The game is just fabulous. I love it!

  8. i think nasa or space x should hire you to program a simulator regarding space walk and stuff like that,instead of putting there astronauts in weightless airplanes and submerging them in pool to get a feel what is it like to be in space, what you have created here is the real McCoy