Tuesday, 10 July 2012

International Space Station


I have resumed working on new features for the game wich includes new missions.

I already started modelling the International Space Station

I hadn't included the ISS in the game because I wasn't sure of how many resources I could use in the game and how it would affect preformance.

Now with the game released I can concentrate on both the iPad and the ISS.

I will implement a few features in the iPhone build before moving to the iPad.

I am thinking on adding a few helps like a speed vector display like the forward facing orange cross and maybe a collision detection feature that will show the nearest collision point in your trayectory. 

After seeing a few videos of people playing I am going to add a display to notify when you press null and you have run out of electricity.
The ISS missions will be included in a future update but I am not sure how long it will take so it won't be in the first one.


  1. Nice looking game! I wanted to point out that generally when the US flag is depicted on the right shoulder (and in this case, on the right side of the MMU), it should be reversed. That is to say, the star field should be in the front-most position. Good work!

  2. Having the ISS will be a great feature. I've had a thought about when you run out of fuel and / or electricty, could a second EVA with the SAFER Pack rescue the original EVA and the level can continue?

  3. i had the same problem before running out of oxygen and mmu but as i progress i found out that you have to move quickly, so you wont run out of oxygen and for the mmu it wont get depleted if you use the controls in opposing force instead of using the null button to neutralize, it worked for me my eyes got sored playing this game for 12 hours. it's worth it and the most important feeling is that i was happy with this kind of game. the level of AWESOMENESS is just there, i suggest add more missions!