Friday, 9 December 2011

MIR daily update

Still working on MIR. The final color blocking is almost done. I will be adding all the little details next week.

I think it is looking quite good

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Skylab update

The linework is looking OK. I am colouring the MIR by day and drawing the initial panel lines in the Skylab at night.

MIR colour texturing update

Colouring MIR after all the greyscale work felt like startiing from scratch once again but the new method is really quick and all I needed to do to advance was find the willpower to stop playing minecraft.

Here are some samples of where MIR is now

Monday, 5 December 2011

SKYLAB retexture already paying off

I am glad I decided to rework the Skylab Texture.

I have better reference than when I did the texturing test and it is already showing in the current line work.

I have just made a couple of the panel lines from the main body but the difference between this version and the old one is already visible.

The skylab is mapped diferent to the MIR model and allows for more bespoke work in the texture so it will be closer to the real thing. The level of accuracy will depend on the reference and certain artistic license.

I will probably add some more geometry to include a few details I had no knowledge of before. I still have some space in the texture....not much though.

Retexturing Skylab

After working on the MIR space station I have decided that the old texture style tried on SKYLAB is not up to the new standard.

The old style was quite flat shaded and almost cartoony. The new style is, without going to far, a bit more realistic and detailed.

This is the old texture style

I have decided to start from scratch again in this model so it is back to the Ambient Occlusion map.

Friday, 2 December 2011

Colouring Technique

I have found a nice technique to add colour to the greyscale texture.

The usual multiply layer makes the textures look dirty and dark. The new technique I am using involves adding colour by layering overlay and soft-light layers.

The best thing about this technique is that allows the refinement of colours long after they have been applied. Using layer masks to apply them also makes sure that the colour is consistent across the whole texture. This was quite annoying when you complete a metal panel and have to repeat the process in a new one...."How did I do it?.....this method is perfect for repeating.

Other good point is that the materials can be repeated in different textures by copying the layers and reseting the layer masks....

I am very happy with this new process. This shows the core module being coloured. The red-brown color is the starting base over which the rest has been layered.

I have to give all credit to Stephen Flack as I learnt this technique with his tutorial.