Wednesday, 18 July 2012

ISS model dimensions

I have been working on the first update and now it is finished.

I have made a small mistake and need to correct it before sending the update. Should be fixed and sent by tomorrow. This proves that you need to test and retest your work.
End of Update
I will be testing it today and tomorrow before sending it to apple. It should address the crashing issues a few people have experienced due to memory conflicts probably with other apps.

I have optimised a few assets to allow better loading performance in those cases where there might be issues while leaving it the same where it works.

Moving on, I have re-started the ISS model from the beginning. I wasn't happy with the dimensions I was using. They were more aproximations that real dimensions. I decided to use some nice drawings from an awesome website, ,to create an accurate placement and dimensions representation of the ISS.

I have started blocking the shapes and sizes and will start detailling each module individually.

I will model them in the historic order they were installed in space.

Modelling Update

I have started detailing a bit the ZARYA module. This module and the Unity modules where the first to be launched and connected. The round conection bit is still not detailed.

I am still not sure how much geometry I can afford for each module in such a big station so I will detail the geometry in a few stages. This is quite close to how much detail I can probably add at this stage.

I think that currently, the modules have maybe a few too many subdivisions to make them round but I think it is worth spending those polygons. I might reduce it a bit when polishing but only if necessary.

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