Friday, 27 July 2012

Leave a review in the AppStore

Hi. Do you like the game?

If you have played the game, liked it and think it deserves it, please support it by leaving a review in the AppStore.

I have a few 5 star reviews from people that understand exactly what I intended with this game and liked it.

I also have a few reviews from people who just don't like the game and that is also fair enough.

The people with crashes are obviously entitled to complain and give a bad score but, I have seen reviews with crashing issues in many games with hundreds of positive reviews, which makes me think that it might not be game specific but something more device related.

I have been working on fixing any memory issues to improve the loading and avoid crashes for the few people with problems. I hope that the update fixes these issues and people with "crashing" reviews play the game, like it and change their reviews if they think it is worth it.

I will make a post as soon as the update is available. It is currently still in Apple's hands, waiting for review.

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