Friday, 13 July 2012

First Update coming soon


I have been working on the update to fix the memory issues a few people are experiencing.

This update should reduce the memory requirements and improve the performance of those with launching issues.

I recently found out also an article explaining the difference between restart and reboot in an Apple device. It is worth reading if you have problems as it might fix some of these.

"However, I recommend a full-on "reset," which is performed by holding down the Home and Sleep/Wake buttons simultaneously for about 10 seconds. First you'll see the aforementioned red slider; just keep holding the buttons. Then the screen will go blank; keep holding the buttons until you see the Apple logo. Then let 'em go."

1 comment:

  1. wow first time i got this app i was so disappointed the controls are to much to memorize. but once i get the hang of it i got hooked on this game, thank you for creating such game now i will stop dreaming of going to space someday, with this game you make the player feel that they are doing the real stuff, 4 thumbs up, 6 stars and 101% satisfaction