Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Tutorial Version


I have been working on the tutorial version of the game. Slowly but surely.

A few people don't seem to like the controls or maybe don't spend the time to learn them. That is why I am working on this demo.

I thought that to make it interesting for everybody I could make the training in the Neutral Bouyancy Lab environment. That is the swimming pool that Nasa has to replicate zero G conditions.

Here are a few screenshots.

One shot ingame without textures
And a few screens of the ISS mockup texturing for the training demo. I start the process by identifying the panels. You can see more of my texturing process in previous posts.

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Back to the ISS


I am juggling a few tasks of the development. The only thing I am going to reveal at the moment is that the tutorial I am working on requires that I work a bit more on the ISS.

So here are a few screens of the progress. Not much but I made this game with thousands of little steps.