Thursday, 17 May 2012

Teaser update


I couldn't stop my self from posting another shot of the teaser trailer....I am so excited about it....hehe

The teaser trailer is rendered but uses only ingame assets. That is why some of the resolution is a bit low for close ups.

The other side of this is that, if they are kind of good enough to do a video of this size, imagine the detail that comes through in a platform with a screen size like the iPhone, iPod touch.

I have edited the post to add smaller images. I think that static they don't look as good as when moving so I don't want you to be disappointed right now. In exchange for the resolution I throw in an extra image.


  1. Looks fantastic still, are you able to see the earth revolve as you tear across the Orbit at 17,000 miles am hour?

    Any chance of a teaser video?

  2. These screens are from the teaser video.

    I am not going to show much more about it untill it is finished because there is a surprise and I am sure that all space enthusiasts will like it.