Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Some tweaks

I have been busy making the mission waypoints and other similar things. I have also found the final music that I will be using for the game. I have licensed it only for web use as I will only be making youtube videos at the moment. Once I complete the game and I am about to publish it I will extend the license.

Overall it is looking quite good. I have also made a change to the camera movement that I had in my mind for quite some time. It didn't take me too long to code considering I have been texturing and not coding for so long.

I have also fixed an evil bug that I had for ages where the first repair waypoint was repeated.

Also I was quite concern because the framerate had drop quite considerably since I imported the new models and texture to the game and thought it had something to do with the new Earth.

Surprisingly the issue happened only when looking at the space crafts.... That got me thinking and I realised that the issue had to do with the lighting.

I had created a template material that I duplicated to use in each object just by replacing the diffuse texture. By mistake I had applied per pixel lighting instead of per vertex.

Once the issue was fixed the frame rate went up again and the panic was gone.

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