Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Last Teaser update

The teaser is almost complete.

I have been very busy rendering. The renders were taking ages. I didn't know why such simple scenes would take so long to render.

I had some inspiration and looked at the light. It had a radius of 20 kilometers and was rendering shadows. That made every frame take about 30 seconds to render. 30 seconds is not long for a single frame but when a scene has 1200 frames it can add to a bit of waiting time.

If you are working on it all day it might not be a problem but when you do it on your own time in exchange for sleeping time...not sucha good idea.

Anyway I reduced the size of the light to just match the objects in the scene and not it renders in ranges from 0 to 2 seconds....quite faster.

This is probably the last screenshot before the teaser release.

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