Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Shuttle Wallpaper

Here is a Space Shuttle wallpaper with the Solar Maximum satellite attached.

It is a capture of the in game assets from the 3d editor.


  1. Really really really like the look of this, iPad 3 support would be glorious.

    I'm fascinated (as I would expect; you are too) about space, the vast loneliness of it all. Are there any levels or scenarios that cast you adrift from your vessel or elements of exploration?

  2. Thanks for your comments

    At the moment the missions are concentrated around undocking moving to the target, manouvering around it to align to repair positions, return to the shuttle and dock. Which might sound simple but I have made sure it is tricky enough.

    Currently the game is a representation of what real repair missions could be like.

    I am open to mission suggestions for future updates. I would like to keep it quite "realistic" though :)