Sunday, 27 May 2012

Teaser Trailer is completed.

Finally the trailer is completed. I will be sending it to a few websites and "hopefully" I am sure they will like it enough to feature it.

On a different note, the help manual is quite on the way. I am afraid it is going to be a required read if you want to know how to play the game but I am trying to make it as simple and pretty as possible. It will be a few pages with the old "NASA document" look.

I don't know how you fell about it but ages ago when the flight sims had a manual the size of a book,to me it was almost as fun to read the manual as it was to play the game. I am going for a simplified version of that...

Here is one of the "How To" screens...

P.S. I know precision is with one S. I have already fixed that....

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  1. 'hopefully' they'll upload it for your true fans to admire