Thursday, 23 August 2012

Back from Holidays


I am back from a long summer break and I have a long queue of great things to implement.

I  have been suggested to make training missions in the game and after many people complaining about how difficult it is to play I think I have to include them.

Most of the people spend the time necessary to learn how to play but many others give up too soon.

I am going to add a twist to the training too so everybody can enjoy the game and there will be something new for everybody :)


  1. Just popping by to say that asw is awesome. Updates are welcome. Please keep up the good work. They just make a good sim even better :)

  2. I agree what he said, can't put down either f-sim space shuttle or asw
    Looking forward to updates and more games, iv even written a post on sketchucation about apps for mobile devices, and so far I know of one who purchased these because of my post, loving the realism and I feel as thu now iv for filled a dream of becoming an astronaut playing these games, thank you, 3D models are my specialty and it has inspired me lately.

  3. Would love if you could include some kind of puzzles during the mission. For example when going on a repair mission the player would actually have to use his touchscreen to reroute some electrics or screw on and off bolts (?) you get my point. Combine that with some neat animation.
    A wiki in the game menus could also be an idea. Fun stuff for us nerds and interesting for new people to let them know the parts and functions of a space suite or the shuttle etc.
    Lovely game tho even if it's a bit pricey :)
    But if we get some nice updates I'd say it was easily worth the money!

  4. Hi. Thanks for the comments and the suggestions.

    I thought initially about the puzzles but I couldn't find any good ideas for them.

    I have seen a few games now that have given me a few ideas but it would take me some time to implement.

    At the moment I am going to concentrate in the Tutorials, the iPad version and the ISS in that order.

    I have loads of ideas for the future but on my own and i can only work at a certain pace.

    Thanks for the support. It makes it worth all the effort.