Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Starting MIR texturing

I have all the models built, UV mapped and ingame and I am currently in the process of texturing them.

I thought it was a good idea to make sure the game works before doing all the fun part which is building the models. That is why I  developed all the gameplay with placeholder models and even once I had the final models built they were still untextured.

I think that not seeing the final model until the end keeps the interest and also allows you to play the final version of the game almost with fresh eyes.

Anyway, having all the models built and UV mapped allows me to move quickly from texturing one model to the next. I finished the astronaut yesterday and I have started the MIR russian station today.

This is by far the more challenging model of all the available in the game. Due to the restrictions in texture size and the ammount of geometry and repeated elements, this is the model that reuses more texture elements.

To identify the bits that repeat I had to add numbers to the texture.

This is the first step. Just some blocked colours and a few lines at the moment... it is going to take a while...

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