Monday, 20 January 2014

Head tracking

I forgot to mention that I have the head tracking working on the Oculus Rift and that the sensation of being there is Amazing.....

I will try to record a video and post it as soon as I have the new helmet model working ingame.


  1. I don't really get every thing you say, and that's because I'm a big noob in all the astronaut topic :D congratulations for your son by the way, I think he is much older now :) I'm just waiting for another nice update with cool things, because your game, more than only fun, is a very interesting game, that makes one know how difficult is to move in the space. Yesterday I saw the movie "Gravity" and I remembered this game hahaha.

  2. I appreciate that your main focus is the PC version of the game but I wondered if you would have a little time to show some love to the iOS version(s). The OR stuff looks made of awesome, btw.

    The game begs for screenshots - allowing players to take their own 'photos' of their spacewalks. I wondered whether it would be possible to hide the UI while the game is paused?