Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Tutorial Version


I have been working on the tutorial version of the game. Slowly but surely.

A few people don't seem to like the controls or maybe don't spend the time to learn them. That is why I am working on this demo.

I thought that to make it interesting for everybody I could make the training in the Neutral Bouyancy Lab environment. That is the swimming pool that Nasa has to replicate zero G conditions.

Here are a few screenshots.

One shot ingame without textures
And a few screens of the ISS mockup texturing for the training demo. I start the process by identifying the panels. You can see more of my texturing process in previous posts.


  1. I don't find that the controls are difficult, yes at first they are but the challenge of learning the controls is what makes this game better, you can't take everyone by the hands, it's up to the player to learn and have patience with the controls, fantastic work, looking forward to the update.

    Also may I ask what modelling software are you using to develop the models in game, and what game engine?

  2. Hi iichiversii.

    I think the fun is in learning the controls but a small hand might not be too bad. I might get a few more people to like the game that way. Some people might not like reading the manual or spending the time to understand what the game is about.

    The game won't be any easier, just easier to understand :)

    I use MAX to model and Shiva3d as engine.