Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Alea jacta est

I have submitted the game to Apple.

I hope the review process goes well and they release it soon enough.

I have had a few previews from some websites and they all agree it is quite a tricky simulator but very fun and engaging once you get used to the controls.

I guess that the controls are like nothing out there in the iPhone game market...but the game is unlike any other game anyway.

I had a lengthy process of trying different control modes and I think the one I implemented is probably the best compromise between realism and playability within the platform.

I have made a gameplay video to show the control method and also the pace of the game.

I also made a few screenshots for the AppStore


  1. Very nice. From the pictures and video, the control interface looks good :) from experience when people have issued an app to the AppStore, it takes 4-7 working days.

  2. Hi.
    I think this game will be one of my favorites. Unfortunately this kind of realistic simulator games are rare these days. Combining Astronaut: SpaceWalk and F-Sim Space Shuttle ( and Space Shuttle ( will make awesome space exploration experiences on iOS. Hopefully you will make other games for different space missions i mean shuttle launch and etc. some how it is obvious from the title that you are looking for it. for example the next game can be Astronaut: Riding the Shuttle.
    By the way i have one question will Astronaut: SpaceWalk be iPad ready?

  3. Thanks for the comments.

    I will try to make an iPad version next. Due to the different size of screens I will have to move around the controls and displays and add a few more functionalities

    It won't be a straight port. I will make a bespoke iPad version.

  4. Just a thought, have you implement the SAFER pack as well as the MMU?
    Also you can get the app to detect the hardware it's running on and get it to resize the controls. I believe F-sim does this ;)